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A large part of the hill area of the territory of Reggello is characterised by well-cared-for crops grown on terraces, with vineyards and olive groves that have been present there since the XIVth century. The olive tree, which is the fundamental crop of this area, is a characterising element of the territory, and profoundly marks its landscape. The land of these places produces an excellent wine and an oil that is renowned for its low acidity and particular organoleptic characteristics, due to the altitude of the olive groves (300 m) and to the unusual quality of the soil. This is a rather unique soil in Tuscany, given its very low calcium content and very high content of quartz. The plants are mostly of the Frantoio and Leccino types, but neither is there a lack of Morellino and Pendolino. Numerous agricultural estates produce and sell directly the precious Toscano IP extra-virgin olive oil of Reggello, which is obtained by means of olive pressing (or crushing) that is carried out using both traditional and modern methods, in the various olive mills of the area.

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