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Located at the far eastern end of the Province of Florence, the Comune of Reggello stretches out over an area of about 122 km2 that, from the bottom of the Arno valley, ascends along the slopes of Pratomagno (maximum altitude: 1,537 m). The landscape is variable, with even sudden changes with the variations in altitude. Downstream, the Pliocene balze [crags] flank cultivated areas, towns, and industrial and commercial settlements. The hill zone, cultivated on terraces, is crossed by the Road of the Seven Bridges which goes to Arezzo, passing through charming small historic centres abounding in points of artistic interest, among which are the Romanesque parish churches of Cascia, near Reggello, and of Pian di Scò and Gropina (Loro Ciuffenna). Along the route, a magnificent panorama can be enjoyed, made up of well-cared-for vineyards and olive groves, with characteristic farmhouses, many of which are active farms or farm-holiday concerns. Woods of broad-leaved trees follow and, at the higher altitudes, ones of beech and coniferous trees.
Worth noting is the Protected Nature Area of local interest, the Forest of Sant’Antonio, which is situated on the western slope of the Pratomagno mountain chain. Also important is the Forest of Vallombrosa, a biogenetic nature reserve that abounds in woods of coniferous trees, and has linked its history to the presence of the monks of the Abbey of the same name. Inside it is the experimental Arboretum, which contains 3200 exemplars of 1200 different species coming from all over the world. The area is rich in torrents and springs, and there are numerous trekking paths and nature itineraries indicated. These can be travelled on mountain bikes and on horseback.