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Ever since the XIVth century olive groves and vineyards have typified the landscape of the hills of Reggello: our territory produces an excellent wine and an oil that is renowned for its low acidity and for its unusual organoleptic characteristics. Every year during the month of November, the “Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Exhibition” is held in Reggello. There are numerous agricultural estates that produce and sell directly the precious Extra-Virgin Olive Oil of Reggello Tuscan IGP), which is pressed in the zone using either traditional or modern methods. The numerous agricultural estates of Reggello also cultivate excellent niche products, such as the traditional and precious sulphur beans or the pink chickpeas.

But the attractions are definitely not limited just to gastronomy. Reggello excels in environmental, cultural and artisan tourism: the local production, which keeps a careful eye on tradition and on the territory, is a guarantee of both quality and genuineness. The centuries-old tradition of woodwork is still very solid in the hamlet of Tosi, and every year the Furniture and Wooden Handcrafts Show of Vallombrosa is an occasion for those interested in rustic furniture or wooden objects. Other artisan businesses produce luxury leather goods, wrought iron, home furnishings, chandeliers, and stone manufactures. But the attractions are definitely not limited to gastronomy.

Businesses operating in the pharmaceutical and food-production sectors are outstanding, while commerce has its strong point in numerous family-run businesses, as well as in several large organisations. The Mall and The Smart, luxury outlets, operate in the hamlet of Leccio, offering a selection of the most exclusive trademarks in international fashion. Tourist facilities propose a wide choice of possibilities ranging from small B&B to farm-holiday structures, as well as to hotels which rank Reggello and the localities of Saltino and Vallombrosa among the main reception centres in the province of Florence.