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The Comune, the organisations and the associations of Reggello collaborate constantly in order to realise projects, directed at the young and less young, aimed both at making the environmental beauties of the territory known and also at generating an awareness of the importance of an impartial and unison-like development that is sensitive to Nature’s stability.

Le Balze

The Protected Nature Area of “Le Balze” is an excellent backdrop for organising projects of environmental education and teaching initiatives. Squeezed between the right bank of the Arno and the spurs of Pratomagno, the Balze constitute an inestimable treasure for reconstructing the geo-morphological history of the Upper Valdarno. In addition to the rare preciousness of the landscape, which the reliefs dug out by water and wind make truly fascinating, they preserve a biodiversity that is suitable for giving shelter to numerous animal species.

Forest of Sant’Antonio

The Reserve of the Forest of Sant’Antonio is also an excellent open-air laboratory, as it abounds in distinctive naturalistic and landscape characteristics of extreme value. A good part of the area of the forest is on the list of SIR (Sites of Community Interest), which was drawn up by the Rete Natura 2000. Included in the SIR 46 are Vallombrosa and the Wood of Sant’Antonio and in the SIR 79, Mountain and shrubbery pastures of Pratomagno.

The experiments of direct environmental teaching to students and adults conceived here are aimed at increasing our knowledge of natural and semi-natural ecosystems by observing the more curious details, in order to understand finally the importance of the connections that exist between the living and their ecosystem.

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